Top 10 Burgers in London

Continuing my mission to provide you with an authoritative and reliable guide to all things fucking sexy to eat, Tom's Big Eats recently embarked on a journey to eat the best burgers in London. Here are the Top 10...

1. Bleecker St. (Bleecker Black or Bacon Double Cheeseburger)

How can one restaurant have two entries?! Well, the Bleecker Black is my out and out favourite burger in London, but as it contains black pudding some people are a bit reluctant to order it! SHAME!! But, Bleecker being Bleecker, their Bacon Double Cheeseburger is a stand out contender for No. 1 on its own, so either way you HAVE to make a visit here a priority! Such incredible meat flavour, so soft in the mouth and the perfect bun. A worldwide contender for #1. 

Available: Southbank, Street Feast Dalston Yard, Old Spitalfields Market

£: 10


2.  Le Bun (Truffle Double) and Burger & Beyond (Double Cliff)

I know, I know. It's not right to have two places for one spot, but hear me out. a) These are very similar burgers, with great aged rare breed patties and a beautiful mayo dressing. The truffle mayo at Le Bun just pips the Tarragon mayo at B&B, but that leads me onto my second point. b) it can be bloody hard to get hold of a Truffle Double, whereas you can now get a beautiful Cliff 364 days a year at the new Kerb Camden Market. Thus, bringing the product to the masses has bumped up the Burger & Beyond offering.

Available: KERB Camden Market (B&B), check Twitter for pop-up (Le Bun)

£: 9-10


3. CHUCK (Devil Burger)

For me personally, where CHUCK smash it is their patty. Even just feeling it you know it's going to be awesome in your mouth. The Devil burger adds a bit of heat and a massive punch of flavour to a bacon cheeseburger with sriracha sauce and jalapenos. But it doesn't overpower what a burger should be and is. Great meat, smokey bacon and smooth, melted cheese!

Available: CHUCK Spitalfields / Uxbridge

£: 8.50


4. Mother Flipper (Double Dirty Barbie)

Double patty, double cheese, glorious candied bacon and bbq sauce!! Besides...just look at it!! Mother Flipper have a great balance of meat / sauce / bun, and having slightly thicker patties means they can serve them just the right amount of pink still with a perfect, charred umami crust! 

Available: Street Feast Model Market (Fri-Sun), KERB Markets (Check website)

£: 10


5. Dip & Flip (The Dip & Flip Burger)

Let's just all admit it, sometimes people add shit to burgers for the gimmick, the PR or because they haven't got a fucking clue what they're doing. However, Dip & Flip have absolutely steered clear of all of those! The Dip & Flip burger is a great patty, cooked perfectly and covered in thin sliced roast beef (or lamb), melty, oozy cheese and beautiful rich gravy. It's just the right amount of sloppy, but if you like it wet then you're provided with a dish for dipping! Meat lovers rejoice, patriotic British gravy addicts rejoice, burger lovers rejoice. Put it on your list.

Available: sites across south London

£: 10


6. Yeah! Burger (Yeah! Burger)

For me, a surprise entrant on this list. Yeah! don't have a permanent home as yet, although they are currently holding full time residence at both The Star of King's (King's Cross) and The Victoria (Dalston). Their namesake burger is simple enough, beef, cheese, sauce. The way it's put together is simple beauty though, the signature Yeah! sauce and the cheese fuse into a smooth, gooey dressing and their aged beef patty is cooked perfectly! I ate mine in the beer garden at The Victoria which added bonus points for vibes!

Available: Star of Kings (Kings Cross), The Victoria (Dalston)

£: 8


7. Double Shackburger with Bacon (ShakeShack)

Don't hate on the 'Shack just because it's a chain! It's a chain for a reason, and there's a reason they differentiated themselves from the burgers available from the Arches or the King. Although cooked well done, their beef has great flavour, their cheese can only be described as smooth and perfectly American, the bacon is cooked crispy and their potato roll is absolute perfection for this burger. But more than this, ShakeShack burgers are the same top quality every. single. time - and that's both important and quite rare. 

Available: Covent Garden, Stratford 

£: 9


8. Double Grizzly (Burger Bear Tom)

Firmly bucking the smashed patty trend, BBT serve you up two large patties, wrapped in melting cheese with thick bacon and covered in braised onions! Aside from being one of the most Instagram friendly burgers on the list (check out London food legend KS' incredible shot - ) and being served at a secret location INSIDE the Old St. roundabout, the Double Grizzly is a get your hands, face, shirt and shoes messy kind of awesome!!

Available: Magic Roundabout, Old St.

£: 10


9. Special (Flat Iron)

Burger. That's how this one appears on the specials board at Flat Iron Covent Garden. It's actually much more than that. A mixed cut Dexter patty is roughly formed and DEEP FRIED in beef dripping, before being covered in the most beautiful bearnaise sauce and shallots and served in a soft St. John bun. An obviously indulgent entry, this burger is completely different from any other burger on the list. The deep frying gives the patty a 360° crust while maintaining that perfect pink middle. The bearnaise is so rich and the whole thing has a totally different look, feel and flavour.

Available: Henrietta St. branch, Covent Garden

£: 10


10. Tribute (Honest)

There are two great 'standard' burger at Honest, but the 'Tribute' or the 'Honest' are anything but ordinary! The Tribute is an American homage, with French's mustard dripping out the side and covered with perfect bacon. A straight up, well cooked burger that always comes with a serving of the best rosemary fries in London! 

Available: sites across London

£: 12 including rosemary fries