Top 10 Awesome Doughnuts in London

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Aah, doughnuts, how can one little parcel of sweet fried bread make me so happy? Doughnuts are the new snack du jour, with specialist 'nuts and gourmet bakeries popping up all over London. This trend shows no signs of slowing so make sure you get involved and get on the trail!! Here are some of the finest doughnuts you can find across London...
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1. Bread Ahead (Classic vanilla)

Perfect. Every time. That's what you need to know here really! Justin Gellatly is absolutely bossing the bakery scene in London, pumping out some of the capitals finest breads and pastries to the public and restaurants. The Bread Ahead doughnut is so light, a little hit of lemon, and STUFFED with all JG's favourite fillings - the classic vanilla wins easily in my book. Taking down 4 of these #pillowsofjoys would not present a challenge and would not be regretted at all! Available: Borough Market, Old Street
£: 2.50

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=2. Dum Dum Donuterrie (Peter Andre)

Technically the Peter Andre is a Yum Yum, but who's complaining! Layers of flaky croissant dough pumped full of the most incredible vanilla custard and iced on top. Trust me when I say you need a bib or a bowl, because you will NOT keep hold of all that custard!

Available: Brick Lane, Camden (weekends only)

£: 2-4

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=2. Crosstown Doughnuts (Chocolate Truffle Ring)

Just look at it! Crosstown doughnuts have that clean, bold, iconic look and they couple that with some brilliant flavours that rotate through the year. Every doughnut could be considered as a potential winner here. As it is, their chocolate truffle is a sourdough ring, iced beautifully and filled with a rich but balanced chocolate truffle. No sharing please!!

Available: Soho, Brick Lane, various markets. 

£: 2-4

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4. Ben's Canteen (DIY Doughnuts)

At Ben's, you get 8 mini doughnuts, perfectly sugared and delicious as they are. However, they come with three syringes of filling - maple butter, chocolate and raspberry jam - for you to inject into your doughnuts. These doughnuts rank so high for both creativity, fun and also the fact that they've managed to make them so fucking delicious too!

Available: Battersea, Wimbledon

£: 6

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5. SE Cakery (Bruvnuts)

Brownie. Filled. Doughnuts. How much more can I say?!! Topped with honeycomb And hot chocolate sauce, served fresh out of the fryer. Just wow. 

Available: Street Feast Model Market (Lewisham


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=6. BIRD (various)

A fried chicken place...for doughnuts?! BIRD serve doughnuts fresh from their 'Doughnut Hatch' all day. These doughnuts are everything a classic doughnut should be. They're HUGE for a start, but fluffy, slightly crispy and coloured perfectly. I recommend you get there on a day when they have Maple iced ones in stock...!!

Available: Shoreditch, Camden, Islington

£: 3

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=6. You Doughnut (Salted Caramel Pecan)

The living legend Betsy at You Doughnut is pushing out fresh, hot and crazy good mini doughnuts and ice cream, with her inspired sauces and toppings, from the tiny hatch at Dinerama. I honestly don't think any explanation is needed for how good 5 hot mini doughnuts with cinnamon sugar, crushed pecans and cornflake flavoured ice cream covered in salted caramel are. Trust me, they're bloody good!

Available: Dinerama, Shoreditch

£: 5

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8. The Blues Kitchen (Oreo Doughnuts)

Whether these are a 'true' doughnut or not is really not important. You get 5 deep fried Oreos (which are pure magic by the way), served completely dusted in powdered sugar and with a pot of rich salted caramel. The dunk is so smooth and has been viewed over 46k times on Instagram. I've been back for these more time than I care to admit right now.

Available: Shoreditch, Camden, Brixton

£: 6.50

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9. Asia De Cuba (Mexican doughnuts)

Take your very favourite person down to this quiet restaurant just off the beaten track in Covent Garden - inside the exclusive 45 St. Martins Lane hotel. You'll get around 10 soft, fresh doughnut balls filled with either salted caramel or rich chocolate (or a mix) and a dipping pot of sauce to (again, you definitely choose both flavours!!). The only down side is they're just so fork sized you can easily eat all of them!

Available: 45 St. Martins Lane, Covent Garden


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10. Riding House Cafe (warm cinnamon doughnuts)

I can't really describe to you the texture of these doughnuts or how they're made. To me, they remind me of little scone balls, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They come served with a beautiful shot glass of thick hot chocolate with cream for you to dunk. No wonder it's so difficult to get seated here!

Available: Soho


There are honourable mentions here for the extreme Crodough selection at Rinkoff's in Whitechapel, and for the sheer size of the Doughnuts available from The Doughnut Cart in Camden. There are also big hitters I'm yet to try - Vicky's picture perfect doughnuts and the new Dominique Ansel London Cronut particularly. But if you love doughnuts like I do, start a checklist and make your way through this list!!