Fun with Mac & Cheese

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Depends who's eating!

Now, all you Big Eats regulars know I'm a HUGE fan of Mac & Cheese and I love to think of crazy ass ways to use it in my foods. Finally I'm presenting to you the awesome recipe for creamy, stringy Mac & Cheese that I use in all my videos. Enjoy!!

What you need

  • - fresh egg macaroni
  • - 1 tin evaporated milk
  • - cheese mix (must include mozzarella and Monterey Jack)
  • - paprika
  • - salt
  • - onion powder
  • - yellow mustard
  • - nutmeg
  • - black pepper
  • - truffle oil (optional)


  • Start with the sauce. Heat evaporated milk slowly over a low heat in a clean, non-stick pan.  
  • Add in 300g grated cheese mix approx 100g at a time.  
  • Add a tsp of paprika and onion powder and a pinch of all other seasonings. 
  • Add a good tbsp or two of American mustard.  
  • Whisk well and allow to heat and thicken slowly.  
  • Cook your macaroni - pour boiling water over fresh macaroni and simmer for 4-5 mins or until cooked to your liking.  
  • While your macaroni cooks, check your sauce.  Add either more cheese or a tsp of cornstarch to thicken if needed.  
  • If using, add a dash / tsp of truffle oil (so good!!) 
  • Combine your drained pasta with your sauce. 

** PRO TIP!! To use in any Tom's Big Eats style dirty recipes where OTT presentation is key, add a handful of cheese right before you serve.  A quick stir and you will have that stringy, stretchy, smooth Mac and cheese to use in any of these videos!!