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So what is Toms Big Eats and why should you give a shit?! Well, the answer to the second question and the inspiration for the first is simple - awesome food.

I started my Instagram profile @toms_big_eats over a year ago to document the incredible cheat foods I was eating while experimenting with a feast/fast method of fat loss. The cheat days got more extreme and I began to hunt out the best food I could find to fill my calories! A year on, Tom's Big Eats has grown across all social media platforms and now a website but still has one main focus: Train hard, earn your cheat days, and find the absolute best foods to fill them! When asked why I do it..."if I'm going to eat something, it's 100% gotta be worth eating!!"

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The Training

Lift Hard, Eat Big, Take Pictures. That has been my tag line since day 1 and still applies now. I am a fully qualified strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer, and I am obsessed with the gym. I love training and I love experimenting, and both are essential to carry out Tom's Big Eats without gaining weight! My fitness principles centre around maximal metabolic stimulation - see my upcoming posts on this! I believe in stimulating, not annihilating the body. 40 minutes intense are more valuable and less damaging then 90 minutes of fluff for 90% of the population. I like training like an athlete to get athletic results, a mix of bodybuilding, Crossfit, Powerlifting and 'underground' strength training. Coupled with dietary control, you can create an environment which is much more forgiving then you might have thought!

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The Food

Food wise, it all started because I was absolutely hooked on those luxury triple chocolate cookies from the fancy supermarket. I had to have them every cheat day, and when they were sold out I was devastated! One of these times I just decided to make my own, so I got a good recipe and nailed it. Now I could make better cookies than I could buy! So I tried for other foods - pancakes, waffles, French toast - the list grew! All week I would be plotting and researching what I was going to create! Gradually that expanded and I wanted to cook less and see more, so I started researching the best cheat foods available out and about and made it my mission to be THE authority on foods worth cheating for! Now that's what I'm known for, providing a reference for what to do when you want only the best foods! I'm not exclusive in anyway, I like to think of myself as an Everyman - I just like really good, fun food, and generally to excess, so high $$$ places aren't always on my list! Plus I really like to push the boundaries of the word 'foodporn'!

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The Future

There are exciting projects underway for Tom's Big Eats. Firstly the YouTube channel will only continue to grow, documenting my eating challenges, providing a reference for recipes and taking you on a journey around some of the best food spots in the UK and around the world. I am also working with restaurants on optimising their dishes for social media and increasing their social media impact. And thirdly I provide world class support to anyone looking to #EATSHITGETFIT. Tom's Big Eats will continue to provide the definitive guide to the best ways to spend (or completely BLOW!!) your calorie budget. Watch this space!

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Tom Henson Tom Henson MSc, ASCC, CSCS; Strength & Performance Coach. tom@tomsbigeats.com